Starting the New Year with a Fresh Call for Justice

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We'd planned to close out the year with a recap of our work - our wins in affordable housing and tenant protections, the inspiring way our members leaned in to mutual aid during an uprising and democracy defense during a fraught election.

We'd planned to close with hope for the new year and an ask to support our work with your membership. We scheduled that email and then left the office to spend the last few days of the year resting and reflecting at home.

Of course, 2020 has been anything but simple, and events in Minneapolis last night remind us that the new year will bring continued challenges - and that JCA will be the place that many in our community look to for a way to respond and engage.

Last night, Minneapolis police shot and killed a person less than a mile from where George Floyd was murdered in May. We know few details about the life that was taken, but our text tells us that "Whoever destroys a single life is considered to have destroyed the whole world."

We at JCA will never stop fighting for the world we believe is possible, a world free of oppression and state violence, and today we are wishing strength to those close to this tragic loss and to those who have been retraumatized by a news cycle of death and destruction.

And to those who've reached out asking for help channeling their grief and anger into resistance - we'll keep you informed in the coming days of meaningful ways to do that.

The systems of oppression that we are fighting to dismantle will still be in place when the clock strikes midnight tonight, and so will we. We'll be here, working for liberation and justice, committed to supporting each other and to community safety that keeps everyone safe.

So we'll end the year not simply, but by sharing just one of our wins - in 2020, we brought on our first Community Safety organizer, Enzi Tanner, who will be leading critical conversations within our communities about how we can keep each other safe, and ensure everyone is protected. We know that Enzi's work will be as important as ever in the new year, and we hope you'll reach out and get involved.

And as always, your support and membership makes this work happen. Make an end of the year gift to support this urgent organizing.

Carin Mrotz

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