We Must Work to Heal What is Broken

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JCA believes that our destiny is bound together with all people and that it is incumbent upon us to act in the interest of our shared fate.

Tonight our hearts are broken that there will be no justice for a single black boy, or for his family and community, with whom we stand in grief and solidarity. There will be no justice for the black youth killed by police every single day. But we can't wallow in the brokenness of our hearts when there is a greater brokenness in our justice system that we believe we must work to heal.

Tonight, we don't know what the work ahead will look like, but we know we can not look away from it. Our community must act as allies, in solidarity with people of color. We will organize our community, we will listen and talk to each other, we will hold each other accountable. Our destiny is bound together, our fate is shared. Our humanity is at stake.

Carin Mrotz

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