A Path to Legalization, and to Dignity and Humanity: Todah rabah.

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Last night, President Obama announced his plan to use executive action to enable nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants to remain here in the United States legally. We believe this represents a huge step in the right direction and would like to say thank you to The President, and to our allies and members who've worked tirelessly to fix a broken system, to see immigrants treated with dignity, and to keep families together.

Jewish Community Action has been consistent in our work for immigrants' rights. Our narrative as Jews is very much one of displacement, of having to flee, of wandering. In our texts, in our family histories, we find exodus, movement, the search for a home. We are instructed by our history, and by the Torah, which commands us 36 times to love, protect, and respect those new to our communities. Our faith stresses the importance of family, and compels us to support others in pursuit of better opportunities for their own families in a different land.

As the The President said last night, undocumented immigrants - like many of our own ancestors - have come to the United States for safety, for opportunity, for a better life for their families, and in this we find a humanity worth fighting for. We know this is only a step along the way to the real comprehensive immigration reform we seek, and that so much work lies ahead, but we are heartened by The President's words and we say, "Todah rabah. Thank you."

Carin Mrotz

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